About Julia

I take the journey with you. You don't have to do it alone.

About Julia

Following several years working within the therapeutic field I gained an Honors Degree and have been in private practice since 2001.  I have continued to attend ongoing training both in the UK and the USA, particularly focusing on Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy  as this has given me the skills to offer body/ mind work. This enables me to explore issues in many aspects of life both individually and in relationships. 

I specialise in working with young people, children and families where we look at the process within the family and how issues may have developed. This translates well into both individual and adult work as to how we restrict our movements/thoughts in relation to others.

Within business settings the well being of staff is of great importance to ensure ongoing development and this, where offering Supervision and workshops, has proved to help with workplace stress and anxiety through developing awareness of individual needs within a system that has invested in them as employees.

What people say...

"I have made referrals to your service because of the help you gave to my family"

- client

"Julia provides a reliable and highly professional service. Her experience and dedication towards clients has been noted through the consistently positive feedback we have received."

- local college

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